Why Build Now?

The time is now! The Lord is growing Desert View… growing in grace, in depth and in numbers of children and youth attending our ministries. Our position has always been to respond to what God is doing in our midst, and it is clear that it is time to expand our facilities to accommodate growth in children, youth and adult ministries. The best solution is a third building that includes a new High School room, several expandable adult education and discipleship rooms, new office space, and a coffee lounge and hang-out space. This will allow us to expand 5th-6th grade and Jr. High in the current Kidz building, expand seating in the Great Room while keeping nursery and preschool nearby, and set us up for growth in the years to come. The leadership is enthusiastic and the fellowship is ready!

Sandy Mason - Senior Pastor


Mark & Amanda Ludwig

“If you want a Discipleship Making church, we believe we need disciple making facilities. We’re glad the plan is about deepening and equipping versus just bigger.”

The New Building

Our newly completed building has 4 distinct areas.

  • A new area for high school ministry that has expanded capacity to over 200 students and provids an area for games and activities.
  • 5-6 new adult meeting rooms for discipleship focused ministries, including 3 that open into one larger space for events.
  • Coffee / hangout space for connecting and one-on-one discipleship meetings.
  • New office facilities where all the staff is located in the same space.

The total financial need for phase one and phase two of the building campaign is $3.95 million.

Building Plan


What Else HAS Changed

Junior High moved to the old High School space, increasing their capacity.

5th - 6th Grade ministry moved to the old Junior High space, giving them needed room to grow.

Two additional kids classrooms have been freed up, allowing future growth for our kids ministry.

In phase two, completed in the summer of 2020, the worship center was expanded from an occupancy of 760 to 1200 and the preschool rooms have been relocated, enlarged and improved.


Ralph & Debbie Werly

“Our family loves this church. We know the next generation of Desert View is our grandkids. This building will be for them, where they learn to follow Jesus - where generations to come will do the same.”

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