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Bill Hull is a Discipleship Evangelist. His ministry has been focused on calling and equipping the church to make disciples. He has written over thirty books on the subject. along with several curriculums that have been translated into twenty-plus languages. Bill is also co-founder and leader of the Bonhoeffer Project. The Bonhoeffer Project "Turns Leaders into Disciple Makers." Bill's thesis is that all who are called to salvation have been called to discipleship, no exceptions, no excuses. All followers of Christ are called to engage with Christ in his mission to reach the world. This is accomplished through the faithful obedience to Christ's commission to make new disciples, to make many new disciples of all nations. But it doesn't stop there, the commission also calls disciples to be mature, public, and obedient to all that Christ commanded. The happy result is that disciples multiply and the Gospel of the Kingdom is preached to every nation, then the end will come. Mt. 28:18-20, Mt. 24:14.

Bill Hull Ministries and its Board of Directors make it possible for Bill and his wife Jane to carry out a calling that is world-wide and highly impactful. Bill is honored that Desert View Bible Church has been such a strong supporter in many ways over the years. Bill has had the privilege of preaching at DVBC several times and has a close relationship with your well-loved former pastor, Sandy Mason. Bill does not receive a salary from The Bonhoeffer Project whose funds are allocated to the support staff and faculty. Bill and his wife Jane, are fully supported the gifts that God graciously provided through his faithful people.