Adult Ministries

We believe one path to spiritual growth is learning about the truth of scripture and then applying it in our lives. Classes help us meet people and expand our knowledge of faith and life. These opportunities are offered on Sundays and throughout the week.



FAITH CLASS. Join us as we study the essentials of our faith through this seven week class. We get an overview of Biblical Christianity and what it means to follow Christ. Great class for anyone new to faith or wanting to seriously examine what Desert View Bible Church believes. Active discussion is encouraged by guest speakers each week. This class is also our membership class.


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LIFE STAGE CLASSES. Looking for a way to connect with other families going through the same stage of life as you? Come join one of our five Life Stage Classes on Sunday mornings: Young Marrieds, Young Families, Parents of Teens, Empty Nest, Legacy of Spiritual Truth. Classes are reoccurring, 6-week long and cover a variety of topics that we all face as we grow together in Christ.



RAMSEY FINANCIAL PEACE UNIVERSITY.Finances from a practical, disciplined and biblical approach. Nine week DVD series from Dave Ramsey.




Contact the church office for more info on either of these classes at 480-423-4888.