Prayer Ministry

Prayer Ministry Team

The Prayer Team is devoted to daily praying for the needs of our people. Our mission is to nurture and teach others to pray, provide prayer opportunities and participate in the fulfillment of our church’s vision and mission as we are inspired by the Holy Spirit.

For details on how to become involved with the Prayer Ministry, contact Cindy Watson at 480.423.4879 or email her at

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Prayer Walk

We want to invite you to come walk through our Community Prayer Walk anytime. There are benches along the trail leading to a large wooden cross that can be seen from Carefree Highway. Look for the Community Prayer Walk sign located on the Southwest side of our parking lot.

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Prayer Requests

Your request will be prayed for by the Desert View Prayer Ministry daily for 4 weeks. Each prayer request is held in confidentiality. If you would like to submit a personal prayer request, click here.