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Welcome to our Middle School Ministry page. We gather for a student worship service on Sunday mornings from 10:45am-12pm and small groups on Wednesday nights from 6:30pm-8pm.

These environments are designed for students to connect with other students and leaders, learn and discuss God's Word, and discover how to apply God's truths and ways to our life.

If you would like to learn more about changes coming to MSM in the next year, CLICK HERE to go to our Parent Information page.

MSM Sunday Mornings

Come and check in at one of our kiosks and meet a few people your age. There’s plenty of time to hang out before we start, so jump in on a game and grab a soda and snack.

We will have a gathering time to introduce any announcements, corporate worship with the student body, and a time of prayer or reflection. We will then jump into a time in God’s word for teaching and engagement in how to live out God’s ways, grow in their walk with Jesus, and pursue Jesus with our whole heart.

MSM Wednesday Nights

We will have time to gather to introduce any announcements, play a game, have a time of worship and devotional on the night’s topic, and then you’ll head to small groups.

In small groups, you’ll connect with other students of the same gender and grade for engaging conversation led by one of our trusted leaders. During this time, we encourage you to ask questions, share your thoughts, or sit back and take it in. We want this time to be where students are honest with each other, their faith, and Jesus.

We intenionally incorporate meaningful camps, retreats, and mission trips into our middle school program that will show or call our students into life-long followership of Jesus.

Lost Canyon Middle School Winter Camp 2024

February 16-19, 2024

Drop off at Desert View: February 16th at 4:00pm
Return time to Desert View: February 19th at 12:00pm

Cost: $260 (Includes $100 deposit due at time of registration)

Final Payment due by January 28th.

For more information or further details, check out our church calendar online, or please contact our Middle School Director, Billy Moore at or 480-423-4892.