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We know that your kids are looking for a place that rocks.  And we know that you are looking for a place that teaches who Jesus is and why the Bible is so important.  We’ve invested a lot to make sure that Sunday morning is just that.  We want church to be the best hour of the week for your kids and that vision is reflected in each classroom run by amazing volunteers who teach God’s amazing story to your amazing children.  Our children’s ministry ranges from birth to 6th grade.

Desert View Kids - Resuming August 23rd!

Just a reminder that Desert View Kids will be re-gathering on August 23rd!  We will be opening Nursery through 4th grade at the 10:45 service only.  Fifth - 12th Grades will also begin meeting at 10:45 once again. As I mentioned last week, the health and safety of our kids and volunteers is a priority as we look at how we regather.  I know that there are a wide variety of thoughts and opinions about all of this, so I want to lay out the new safety protocols that we will have in place so that you can make the right decision for your family!

1. All volunteers and everyone kindergarten and older, will be asked to wear masks in the buildings.  We will have disposable child and adult sized masks available if you forget yours.  Volunteers and children who have medical exemptions will not be required to wear masks.

2. We have enhanced cleaning in our buildings, classrooms, and across all surfaces.  Nursery, preschool, and grade school kids' programming has been limited to the 10:45 hour to eliminate the need for deep cleaning in between services.

3. Kids and volunteers will be asked to use hand sanitizer whenever they enter a room.

4. Grade School room set-up and activities will be adjusted for social distancing.

5. Check-In will be completed on IPads by volunteers or on individuals' phones to limit contact.

**Nursery/Toddler/2's Parents - please put just essential items (diaper, wipes, bottle/cup, pacifier) in a labeled, ziplock bag.  This will eliminate the need for volunteers to rummage through diaper bags for items.  If you forget, we will have bags available at drop off for you to transfer items.

**2's/3's/4's Parents - we will not be providing snack during kid's programming for this season.  It is just for the one hour, so it would be wonderful if you would give them a snack and drink prior to dropping them off.  We are trying to eliminate as much "sharing" as possible! 🙂

We will be recording Kids View every week, so that your kids will still be able to watch at home.  It will be uploaded following 2nd service.  I will also continue to send weekly emails with the lesson materials.  Even if you are attending in person, I encourage you to watch the video and/or look at the materials so that you will be able to engage with your kids around the Bible lesson at home!  We have them for such a brief time every week - we need to partner with you for true disciple-making to occur!


New Check-In System Coming August 23rd!

Our KidCheck Check-In System will finally go live on August 23rd!  If you haven't yet, you can set up your account by clicking here or downloading the KidCheck app on your phone (iOS or Android).  **In order to use express check-in on your phone, you will need to have the app.**  I will have the system running in the main building this week, August 16th.  I would love it if you would come try it out and help me have a "soft opening" to discover any issues I might have missed!  Here are some things to know before the 23rd:

*The first time you check your child in with KidCheck, you will need to do so on the IPads at the check-in stations.  Every time after that, you will have the option to use your phones to use express check-in.

*You will need to select your child's age/grade the first time you check your child in. It will save that information from that time forward.  When your child moves up (either because they have a birthday in preschool or on Promotion Sunday in grade school), you will need to change their class location at check-in.

*Please make sure to allow emergency text messaging and select your cell phone carrier when you set up your account.  This will allow us to text you in case of an emergency or if your child needs you for any reason.  We will no longer be using the number paging system in the Worship Center.

*When you check your children in, name tags will print for each child, along with 1 guardian receipt for pick-up.  If you would like an additional receipt for you and your spouse to "divide and conquer" at pick-up, please make sure to select the option for "print an additional guardian receipt."  You can also take a screenshot of the receipt and text it to a spouse or other authorized guardian for pick up.  Make sure your spouse, family members, or friends that may pick up your child, are listed as authorized guardians on your account.  They will be able to check your child in with their own phone number if you have them as guardians on your account, as well.

*When you set up your account, you only need to include your children who are 4th grade and younger.  The youth are not using this system.  If you have older children entered, you can either delete them from the system or make sure their name is unchecked in order to complete check-in for your younger children.


Kids View Preschool

Nursery & Pre School: Birth-4 Years Old

Our three nurseries (Babies, Toddlers, 2 Year Olds) are a safe, fun environment for our youngest children. We have a classroom for potty-trained three year olds and another for ages 4-5. Both classes participate in directed free play, small group crafts and games that reinforce the large-group lesson and active worship. We seek to develop a good understanding of God and a core faith through three concepts: God made me, God loves me and Jesus wants to be my friend forever.


Kids View K-4

Kids View: Kindergarten-4th Grade

Three basic truths every child should embrace: I need to make the WISE choice, I can TRUST God no matter what, and I should treat OTHERS the way I want to be treated. These truths were also embraced by Jesus himself according to Luke 2:52. “And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men.” Each basic truth is amplified during the large group time by an epic Bible story and exciting worship. During their small group time, kids engage in fun activities that bring the Bible story home, reinforce the memory verse and show the importance of prayer.


Kids View Special Needs

Special Friends

We consider it a privilege to minister to your child. Our goal is to provide a safe, caring environment for your child to grow spiritually.  We mainstream our special needs children to a class that is developmentally appropriate.  The teachers are trained to meet the needs of your child and help them learn how to fall in love with Jesus.