We all need a place to belong, a place to grow, a place to know and to be known. We believe the Christian life is lived most fully when we live together in real, genuine community. In Small Groups, we obey scripture as we come together to live life interdependently as the body of Christ.



Small groups meet weekly or bi-weekly, usually in homes, to build friendships, seek the Lord, and pray for each other. Each group is different – some are traditional, study-based groups, some are focused around a particular activity or interest, and some are centered around a meal. But all groups are built around the central truth that we stand or fall as believers together. So jump in and find a group today! Check out our “Group Details” page for more info about the different focus of each group.



Small Groups meet throughout the area, so there’s sure to be one near you! Look at the map below for more detail on group locations. Or contact us if we can help you find a group in your area!

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Groups meet at various times all throughout the week. More info is on the “Group Details” page.

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For more information, or to connect with a group, contact Ben Rounds, Pastor of Adult & Family Ministries, at 480.423.4883 or [email protected]

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