Andy & Margaret Andersen

Mission Partners - Africa Inland Mission

Andy and Margaret have served for 30 years as disciple makers and church planters in Tanzania, East Africa.

Their current assignment began in 2015 to the region of Tabora, to work among the Nyamwezi people, who largely have remained in the stronghold of Islam. The Nyamwezi are the second largest tribe in Tanzania. They embrace Islam, African traditional beliefs, and Christianity. They have much respect for their ancestors, "the living dead", to whom they offer sacrifices and rely on for benevolences. Most claim to be Muslims and follow the five pillars of Islam.

Working under the Africa Inland Church, the Andersen's vision is to teach Biblical principles, train and equip church leaders and new believers, and start churches. They teach religious education in public schools, equip local churches through theological education, discipleship, and a Bible and Literature project.

Evangelism methods include showing the Jesus Film, orally communicating Bible stories chronologically, preaching, initiating discovery Bible studies, and Community Bible Study. They encourage churches to be missions minded, and participate with the church in weekly and monthly prayer meetings for the Nyamwezi.

Nyamwezi Breakthrough Prayer:

“Lord, remove the veil from the eyes of the Nyamwezi and give them a longing to know your truth, that they may have new life in Jesus.”

Much of the Andersen’s focus is within Tabora Bible School, begun by the AIC in 2017, which over a two year period, provides students with six months of Biblical training. The Andersens teach church planting strategies, Biblical foundations for believers to grow to maturity, and train and equip students to reach Muslims. The men and women at the school are emerging church leaders who come for two-week sessions held throughout the year, practice methods in the classroom, and return to their ministry venues to immediately apply what they have learned. Between teaching sessions, the Andersens visit Tabora Bible School students and graduates and oversea AIM’s project for the capital development of the school campus.

The Andersen’s other projects address needs in their community, sharing Jesus through word and deed through conservation agriculture and clean water procurement. Additional ministries among the Nyamwezi include health ministries and Bible translation.

Andy was born and raised in Kenya. From 1997-2015, the Andersens planted multiple churches on the islands of Lake Victoria and started an elementary school, Lake Victoria Christian. They have three children who were raised on the mission field. Abigail graduated from Biola in 2020 with a BSN degree, and now works as a nurse in Maternal-Child Health. Ben graduated from Biola in 2021 with a BA in Psychology. Caleb is studying to become an EMT, aspiring to be a firefighter.

If you would like to help with AIM’s development of the Tabora Bible School campus, please click here: Tabora Bible School Development Project.

Pray with us asking the Lord for reproducing, Christ-centered Nyamwezi churches throughout the Tabora Region.

Thank you for your prayerful consideration of these additional projects.