Jenna & Guido Schmid

Global CHE Network - Disability Advocates

In 2006, Jenna was called to become a physical therapist (PT) for the purpose of missions. In 2002, Guido suffered a life-altering spinal cord injury from a motorcycle accident. In 2014, Jenna and Guido met on a missions trip and were married two years later. Due to Guido's experience as a wheelchair user and Jenna as a PT and a wife of a person with a disability, God has positioned them uniquely to serve in Disability ministry together. Since 2022, Jenna has worked full time with the Global CHE Network (GCN) service team and Guido volunteers to serve alongside and travel with Jenna to facilitate Disability trainings around the world.


GCN is a network of organizations that have been trained in the ministry strategy of Community Health Evangelism (CHE). CHE is a wholistic approach, integrating evangelism and discipleship with community development. Impoverished communities are trained and empowered to take ownership of their problems and use local resources to solve their problems. The Gospel is preached while Biblical principles, which align with their development activities, are taught.


Jenna and Guido are using the ministry strategy of CHE to equip and mobilize the global Church to evangelize and disciple persons with disabilities. There are nearly 7,000 CHE communities in over 120 countries and Jenna and Guido are working to see every CHE community integrate the disability community into church and society. Thank you, Desert View Bible Church, for your partnership that multiplies champions to preach the Gospel and disciple persons with disabilities in CHE communities around the world!