Neighborhood Ministries

Neighborhood Ministries(NM) is a community-based, non-profit organization that has delivered comprehensive services to disenfranchised families for nearly four decades.  Founded in 1982 as a food and clothing bank, NM quickly grew to meet the needs of the local community. In 2001, we moved into The Neighborhood Center, an eight-acre campus at 19th Avenue and Van Buren, in the heart of downtown Phoenix. This campus is now a hub for youth, families, and city-wide partners to engage in positive change as it includes an early childhood education center, youth empowerment center, food and clothing bank, medical and dental clinic, wood shop, thrift store, screen printing and embroidery shop, classrooms, playgrounds, basketball court and soccer field.  Over the past 38years, NM has grown into a thriving organization that reaches about 10,000 underserved Phoenix residents annually.  In addition to quality programming, NM has a long track record of fiscal responsibility, accountability, and transparency.  Over the years, we have built trusting relationships with the surrounding community, laying the foundation for the positive, enduring work that has now spanned over three decades. We are committed to serving the community for the long haul. We tenaciously track with community members from birth to grave, offering services and support throughout their lifetimes. For those trapped in the cycle of poverty, It takes a lifetime and generational commitment to families for positive and lasting change to take place.  Neighborhood Ministries is proud to make this commitment to the community.

1918 W. Van Buren
Phoenix,  AZ